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Modals test- (requests- necessity)

This quiz contains questions about : ” must, have to, didn’t have to, would you mind if, needn’t have done, …Read the Rest

All modals test

Free English Grammar Lessons : Take the online and interactive modals quiz composing of 80 questions: >>>> Take the exam <<<<

Modals Test – (can & could& should & must & ought to & could have)

This Modals Quiz is composed of questions about can & could& should & must & ought to & could have …Read the Rest

Should – Ought to – Had better

These video lessons are designed for teaching you should, ought to and had better. In these trainings, you can find …Read the Rest

could have done (verb3)

Today, we are going to show you the uses of could have verb3 and differences between could have done and …Read the Rest

can & could (positive -negative -question form)

In this lesson, we are trying to teach the students  can and could modals as a basic English grammar point. …Read the Rest

May & Might Lesson — Modals in English Grammar

In this grammar lesson, we will cover “may and might” which are the basic topics of the English modals. They …Read the Rest

Must & Have to – video lessons and exercises

Must and have to modals are the most commonly used structures of English. They are usually used to mean obligation …Read the Rest

Can & Could & Be able to & Managed to

VIDEO LESSONS Can – Be able to (am/is/are able to) Could – Be able to (was/were able to) SENTENCES Can …Read the Rest