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Articles (a- an -the) exercises

A – An -The Questions ( uses of articles in English) Exercise 1 Excercise 2 Excercise 3

the- (hotel, restaurant, cinema, newspaper …)

The These are used with the hotels / restaurants The Marmara, The HD Restaurant theaters / cinemas The Ankamall Cinema, …Read the Rest

the – river, sea, ocean and canal names.

The the is not used with lakes. the is used with river, sea, ocean and canal names. Lake Van, Lake …Read the Rest

use of the – (West, North, East, South)

The the is used with West, North, East, South Many firms in the west of Germany are opening branches in …Read the Rest

The with (country names, language, nationality)

The The + Nationality takes a plural verb. The British were forced to grant freedom to India in 1947. The …Read the Rest

usage of the – (musical instruments, same)

The the is used with musical instruments Can you play the piano? The guitar is my favorite instrument. The computer …Read the Rest

use of the – (sea, sky, ground, country, space)

The the is used with Sea, sky, ground, country The stars we see in the sky at night are unimaginably …Read the Rest

the article with – cinema, theater, television and radio

The Cinema and theater is used with the I love to go the theater. Canan loves opera, classical music and …Read the Rest

the – and zero article usage with (school, hospital, university, prison, bed)

The zero article the is used when we mean School, hospital, university, prison as specific buildings. the is not used …Read the Rest

a, an or the -used with Breakfast, lunch, dinner-

The the is used with single things. The only person he thought about was himself. The earth‘s atmosphere is made …Read the Rest

“the” with superlative adjectives

The The is used when talking about the nouns which are in the place of the talk. Please, turn off …Read the Rest

the – a – an

The We use the when we talk about the nouns definite. The can be used with countable, uncountable, singular and …Read the Rest

a an

A – An A-an are used before a singular and countable nouns. A is used before consonants ( b, c,d,f,g,h,…) …Read the Rest