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the- (hotel, restaurant, cinema, newspaper …)


These are used with the

hotels / restaurants The Marmara, The HD Restaurant

theaters / cinemas The Ankamall Cinema, The Great theater

museums / galleries The Topkapı Museum

newspapers The Financial Times

organisations The NATO, The CNN

the – river, sea, ocean and canal names.


the is not used with lakes. the is used with river, sea, ocean and canal names.

  • Lake Van, Lake Constance, Lake Superior

  • The Nile, The Amazon

  • The Black Sea, The Mediterranean, The Red Sea

  • The Indian Ocean, The Pacific Ocean,

  • The Suez Canal, The Panama Canal

  • They live near Lake Van. They live near a lake.

  • Their house is on the Nile. Their house is on a river.

the is not used with lakes street, road, park, bridge and square names.

Carpet Street, Fifth Avenue, Hyde Park, Santana Road, Times Square, Love bridge

  • We bought a beautiful antique lamp in a little store on Fort Street.

  • In 1971, London Bridge was purchased by an American.

  • The most amazing event at Serengeti National Park is the annual migration of zebras.

  • The Santa Claus parade wound along First Avenue to the park.

  • They couldn’t find the street / the avenue / the park / the bridge.

use of the – (West, North, East, South)


the is used with West, North, East, South

  • Many firms in the west of Germany are opening branches in the east.

  • People in the north of Senegal usually wear long, loose robes.

the is not used with the adjectives western, northern, eastern, southern

  • Many firms in western Germany are opening branches in the east.

  • People in northern Senegal usually wear long, loose robes.

  • Italy is in southern Europe, but Norway is in the north.

the is not used with single mountain or island names, but the is used with plural islands and mountains

  • Mount Everest, Mount Etna, Sicily, Gökçeada

  • The Canaries, The Canry Islands, The British Isles, The Bahamas,

  • The Alps, The Andes, The Rocky Mountains

The with (country names, language, nationality)


The + Nationality takes a plural verb.

  • The British were forced to grant freedom to India in 1947.
  • The French like to speak their own language when you ask in English.
  • The Japanese are very friendly people.

But without using the, it means a language and take a singular verb

  • English isn’t difficult to learn.
  • French is harder than Italian in many aspects.
  • Continent names doesn’t take the
  • Asia is larger than Europe or Africa.

Country names don’t take the. But plural country names take the.

  • We visited France and Italy last year.
  • Turkey is larger than Greece and Bulgaria.
  • The republic of Turkey was established in 1923.
  • The most common pets in The United States of America are now cats.
  • The Netherlands is a country dominated by water: three great rivers and the North Sea.
  • The United Kingdom has good relations with the Philippines.

usage of the – (musical instruments, same)


the is used with musical instruments

Can you play the piano?

The guitar is my favorite instrument.

The computer is the most important invention.

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.


She bought a guitar./ a computer / a telephone.

The + adjective gives a plural meaning.

A network of volunteers is working to distribute food and blankets to the homeless.

The dead can’t talk.

The old are more experinced than the young.

the is used with the word same

Their interests, and his own are the same.

Some people always choose the same numbers in the lottery.

You’re just repeating the same points over and over.

use of the – (sea, sky, ground, country, space)


the is used with Sea, sky, ground, country

  • The stars we see in the sky at night are unimaginably remote.

  • It isn’t safe to go windsurfing when the sea is rough.

  • My son fell off the swing at school and smacked his head on the ground.

  • Would you prefer to live in a town or in the country?

but sea doesn’t take the when we mean travel or work.

  • She was depressed the entire month that her husband was away at sea.

  • We have been at sea for 10 hours.

Space doesn’t take the when we mean “the universe”, but it takes the when we mean “ empty place”

  • John Glenn became the first person in history to eat a meal aboard a rocket in space.

  • I noticed the space between his two front teeth when he grinned at me.

The + singular countable noun means a type, a group, a kind

  • The elephant is the largest animal on land.

  • The plane is the fastest means of transport.

  • When was the telephone invented?

the article with – cinema, theater, television and radio


Cinema and theater is used with the

  • I love to go the theater.

  • Canan loves opera, classical music and the theater.

  • Would you like to go the cinema?

  • I and my wife haven’t been to the cinema recently.

  • She found a job a local theater.

  • There is a cinema in the corner.

Television doesn’t take a /the as a general meaning, but as a device it can take a or the

  • He is addicted to television.

  • There are no good programs on television today.

  • She bought a new television.

  • It is difficult to concentrate on homework if the television is on.

Radio takes a /the as a general meaning or as a device.

  • We heard an interesting story on the radio.

  • They hadn’t listened to the news on the radio

  • The radio is broken.

  • My friend bought a new radio for our room.

the – and zero article usage with (school, hospital, university, prison, bed)

The zero article

the is used when we mean School, hospital, university, prison as specific buildings. the is not used when we mean these places as a general meaning.

  • Sam’s a student and at school now. (a general idea)

    Sam’s mother is at the school to talk to the teacher. ( a specific building, place)

  • He was sent to prison for six months. (a general idea)

  • We went to the prison to visit my friend.( a specific building, place)

  • Ted stayed at hospital for three weeks. (a general idea)

  • He works at the hospital. ( a specific building, place)

  • She doesn’t have to go to university. (a general idea)

  • Where is the university? ( a specific building, place)

  • What time do you go to bed? (a general idea)

  • She sat on the bed for a while. ( a specific bed as an object)

a, an or the -used with Breakfast, lunch, dinner-

the is used with single things.

  • The only person he thought about was himself.
  • The earth‘s atmosphere is made up of a mixture of highly mobile gases.
  • Winters in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, can be bitterly cold.
  • The President made a brief statement to the press.
  • The sun is the generator and maintainer of all life.

a, an or the is not used with Breakfast, lunch, dinner . but if there is an adjective before, a, an or the is used.

  • We have breakfast at 8.
  • I usually have lunch at home.
  • They have just had dinner.
  • What shall we cook for dinner?
  • I insist you stay for dinner.
  • Why don’t we go on our discussion after lunch?


  • The chefs prepared a magnificent dinner for the Queen and her guests.
  • A traditional Japanese breakfast typically consists of rice, miso soup and pickled vegetables.
  • We had a large breakfast.
  • We only had time to grab a quick lunch.